The Startup That Lets You Communicate from Beyond the Grave | WIRED

November 21, 2014

SVS: Aquarius Sea Surface Salinity 2011-2014 – Rotating Globes (id 4234)

November 21, 2014

Sea Surface Salinity Dramatic differences between Atlantic & Pacific, reflecting local rainfall HT ‏@coreyspowell

@coreyspowell :
The saltiest (& least salty) waters in the world–a clever way to
track rainfall & climate.


Twitter “Exhaust” Reveals Patterns of Unemployment | MIT Technology Review

November 21, 2014

A case study for cloud based high throughput analysis of NGS data using the globus genomics system

November 21, 2014

crowd-powered text editing

November 21, 2014 — not exactly but in the same space.
turk-powered “Shortn” app, which is actually part of a larger system called soylent (brilliant).

Whole-genome sequencing and comprehensive molecular profiling identify new driver mutations in gastric cancer

November 20, 2014

Dataset of 100 freely available STAD T/N pairs

Kai Wang,
Siu Tsan Yuen,
Jiangchun Xu,
Siu Po Lee,
Helen H N Yan,
Stephanie T Shi,
Hoi Cheong Siu,
Shibing Deng,
Kent Man Chu,
Simon Law,
Kok Hoe Chan,
Annie S Y Chan,
Wai Yin Tsui,
Siu Lun Ho,
Anthony K W Chan,
Jonathan L K Man,
Valentina Foglizzo,
Man Kin Ng,
April S Chan,
Yick Pang Ching,
Grace H W Cheng,
Tao Xie,
Julio Fernandez,
Vivian S W Li,
Hans Clevers,
Paul A Rejto,
Mao Mao
& Suet Yi Leung

Nature Genetics 46, 573–582 (2014) doi:10.1038/ng.2983Received 01 August 2013 Accepted 18 April 2014 Published online 11 May 2014

What the shape of our cities says about the way that we live –

November 17, 2014

A Brief History of Failure –

November 16, 2014

Why Are So Few Blockbuster Drugs Invented Today? –

November 16, 2014

NSA Intercepted Children’s Letters To Santa

November 16, 2014!cB0XVN


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