One big myth about medicine: We know how drugs work

August 8, 2015

Big myth about medicine: We know how #drugs work “If you only half-know something, you can appreciate serendipity”

If you think you’re too smart and you only do what is scientifically indicated, there’s always going to be something, ‘Oh my God, we never thought of that!’” Haber said. “If you half-know what you’re doing, then you’re better prepared to understand or appreciate discoveries that are serendipitous in some way.”

A 2011 study reviewed a decade worth of drug approvals found that of 75 drugs that worked in a completely new way, 28 came from the more old-fashioned method of screening drugs against cells or animals, and 17 were built from detailed understanding of how the disease worked. David Swinney of the Institute for Rare and Neglected Diseases Drug Discovery said that despite the fact that far more resources are devoted to developing drugs by focusing on targets, the older method of screening has been more productive by his analysis.”