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Toy rec #3

August 5, 2017

Lego rocket


TOTD neat trick to auto-dial conference call

August 5, 2017 In summary, by saving phone numbers with a comma (2 sec pause) or semicolon (user prompt), you can automate dialing into a conference call.

interactive cnn

June 18, 2017

an intuitive example of how CNN works

Color brewer

February 18, 2017

TOTD how to resize image

November 1, 2016

4. Resize your image

select “white” as background fill


October 7, 2016

TOTD importing events to google calendar using csv

September 2, 2016

importing events to google calendar using csv

1. download csv attachment
2. edit contents
3. gcal > setting > “Calendars” tab > Import calendar

Authorship solution

July 28, 2016

A solution to a perennial problem: Co-first “author ordering determined by coin flip” – eg &

∗Equal contribution. Author ordering determined by coin flip over a Google Hangout.

EM algorithm

March 11, 2016

What’s the EM #algorithm? Description of its essence in simple contexts (ie coin toss) & as soft version of kmeans

What is the expectation maximization algorithm? : Article : Nature Biotechnology

Nature Biotechnology 26, 897 – 899 (2008)

Chuong B Do & Serafim Batzoglou

The expectation maximization algorithm arises in many computational biology applications that involve probabilistic models. What is it good for, and how does it work?

without too much math

Your coffee maker is a bacterial breeding ground

December 18, 2015

Your coffee maker is a #bacterial breeding ground Bugs love the warm water but it appears cleaning is effective

“The researchers only counted the number of different bacteria types in their samples, not the total cells. A CBS investigation earlier this year found bacteria including staphylococcus and E. coli on the Keurig machines it swabbed. More than half were harboring millions of bacteria cells.

Bacteria appear to thrive in the high temperatures and chemical makeup of the coffee making process itself. Neither user behavior, the type of coffee brewed, nor frequency of the machine’s use seemed to affect the composition of the bacteria present.”