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Links about ChatGPT Code Interpreter Plugin

May 21, 2023

Do Data Science in Minutes With This ChatGPT Plugin

Links about ChatGPT Code Interpreter Plugin

May 21, 2023

1. What is the ChatGPT Code Interpreter Plugin?
2. Do Data Science in Minutes With This ChatGPT Plugin


March 26, 2022

interesting stuff to use “playground”

Compose AI: Automate Your Writing

March 26, 2022

List of devices for enhancing zoom session

December 29, 2021

1. HDMI switcher feed in multiple videos into a computer via USB-C
– ATEM mini – Alternatively, ATEM mini pro (same function as mini, except it can record video output to a USB drive, you might want this for archiving)

2. pro-grade microphone that you can plug into the computer via USB Shure MOTIV MV7 Dynamic Cardioid USB and XLR Podcast Microphone (New, Black, Podcaster Bundle with K&M 23840 Desk Arm)

3. lighting solution
Soft LED lightbox with stand

Video transcribing tool

July 25, 2021

a web app that transcribes your video (ie zoom talk). What’s cool is that editing the transcribed text edits the video. You can change the text to speak something different than the original. Check out their promotional video.

Interesting note taking gadget

April 28, 2020

a device that might be useful for reading and annotating pdfs (manuscripts, figure, general note taking).

Its called “remarkable” and was once a kickstarter project. its based on eink technology so it writes more like pencil and paper.

Some interesting features:
– Print-to-send pdf directly from Chrome browser
– ocr transcription of handwriting
– cloud sync to phones and computer (what you do on device is immediately available from phone and computer)
– canvas feel of screen surface


April 17, 2020

Cuomo mandated both rider and driver of uber+lyft to wear mask.

NY’s all-the-time mask law is the most restrictive in the nation; other states are catching up

Send Dropbox files to Evernote

November 2, 2019

might be useful.. IFTTT alternative.

Google’s quantum supremacy

October 26, 2019