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Tests Show Genetic Signature of Coronavirus That Likely Infected Trump – The New York Times

November 7, 2020

When you browse Instagram and find former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s passport number

October 5, 2020

this is quite interesting privacy leak

GDPR’s effect on genomic research outside the Europe

August 9, 2020

Why a Data Breach at a Genealogy Site Has Privacy Experts Worried

August 2, 2020

from the NIH session at ISMB

July 27, 2020

privacy component in the first year from nhgri – this initiative is similar to bd2k

Responsible, practical genomic data sharing that accelerates research

July 27, 2020

Barcoded microbial system for high-resolution object provenance | Science

June 27, 2020

Interesting paper. Wonder whether this technology could readily track people and thus has #privacy implications…

Barcoded microbial system for high-resolution object provenance

Jason Qian1,2,3,*,
Zhi-xiang Lu1,2,*,
Christopher P. Mancuso4,*, Han-Ying Jhuang1,*,
Rocío del Carmen Barajas-Ornelas5,*,
Sarah A. Boswell1,2,*,
Fernando H. Ramírez-Guadiana5, Victoria Jones1,6,†, Akhila Sonti4,
Kole Sedlack4,‡,
Lior Artzi5,
Giyoung Jung7,
Mohammad Arammash1,
Mary E. Pettit1, Michael Melfi1, Lorena Lyon1,
Siân V. Owen6,
Michael Baym2,6,
Ahmad S. Khalil4,8,
Pamela A. Silver1,8, David Z. Rudner5,
Michael Springer1,2,§

Science 05 Jun 2020:
Vol. 368, Issue 6495, pp. 1135-1140
DOI: 10.1126/science.aba5584

facial recognition debate

June 11, 2020

A Case for Banning Facial Recognition

SpiShutter WebCam cover

June 2, 2020

China’s Coronavirus Tracking Apps Stir Privacy Fears as They Linger

May 31, 2020