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🎄Early Christmas Sale 50% OFF – Door Bottom Seal Strip – Zoxbe Perfect

December 2, 2022

interesting concept

Lowe’s Delivery Near Me | Instacart

September 3, 2022
same day delivery
V25W, R516,R516W,M13WH,EF41,AC43

Private Equity Wants to Wash Your Car – WSJ

August 20, 2022
why pay 20X EBITDA

Target, Walmart Earnings Selloff Puts Retailers’ Inflation Pains on Display – WSJ

August 3, 2022

Yankees beat Cowboys for title of most valuable sports team

April 22, 2022 QT:{{”
When it comes to valuations of sports teams, the New York Yankees are king of the hill and top of the heap.
The Bronx Bombers are worth $7.01 billion — beating out the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys for the title of most valuable franchise.
The Cowboys are the second most valuable team with a valuation of $6.92 billion, according to the news site Sportico, which factored in metrics such as revenue, real estate, and related businesses. The NBA’s New York Knicks ($6.12 billion) and the Golden State Warriors ($6.03 billion) are the only other sports franchises whose valuations are north of $6 billion.
The rankings were done based on figures from 2019 — the last full season that was played before the pandemic.

Dr Kirstin Ferguson on Twitter: “The clever people at @NASA have created this deceptively simple yet highly effective data visualisation showing monthly global temperatures between 1880-2021. Watch until the end… Learn more here – #ClimateEmergency #ClimateCrisis #climate” / Twitter

March 17, 2022

Opinion | What We Know About Covid-19, the Flu and the Air We Breathe – The New York Times

January 30, 2022

opening windows, running fans; applicable to the flu too!

A perfect storm for container shipping | The Economist

October 2, 2021

The spot price for sending such a box from Shanghai to New York, which in 2019 would have been around $2,500, is now nearer $15,000. Securing a late booking on the busiest route, from China to the west coast of America, could cost $20,000.

Some observers think normality may return after Chinese new year next February. Peter Sand of bimco says disruptions could even take a year to unwind. Lars Jensen of Vespucci Maritime, an advisory firm, notes that a dockers’ strike on America’s west coast in 2015 caused similar disruption, albeit only in the region. It still took six months to unwind the backlog.

Why Anti-Covid Plastic Barriers May Make Things Worse – The New York Times

August 29, 2021

To understand why screens often have little effect on protecting people from aerosol particles, it helps to think about exhaled breath like a plume of cigarette smoke, Dr. Marr said.
“One way to think about plastic barriers is that they are good for blocking things like spitballs but ineffective for things like cigarette smoke,” Dr. Marr said. “The smoke simply drifts around them, so they will give the person on the other side a little more time before being exposed to the smoke. Meanwhile, people on the same side with the smoker will be exposed to more smoke, since the barriers trap it on that side until it has a chance to mix throughout the space.” “}}

Another useful fact connected to this thread is that secondhand cigarette smoke is a good indicator of aerosol behavior viz:

Improving ventilation will help curb SARS-CoV-2 | The Economist

July 2, 2021

relevant for indoor air & ventilation

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