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Origins and evolution of extreme life span in Pacific Ocean rockfishes

November 23, 2021

Sublimation-driven morphogenesis of Zen stones on ice surfaces | PNAS

November 23, 2021

Nicolas Taberlet & Nicolas Plihon
PNAS October 5, 2021 118 (40) e2109107118;

BBC Media Request = Data Sanitisation

December 22, 2020

The Naked Scientists

Data sanitisation tool plugs privacy gap

Functional genomics data is vulnerable to de-anonymising attacks… 17 December 2020
Interview with
Mark Gerstein, Yale University

Part of the show RNA Vaccines, Privacy, and Penguins

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Hire freelance scientists and researchers at Kolabtree

March 23, 2020


January 16, 2020

garmento – Wiktionary

January 5, 2020

clogs to clogs in three generations – Wiktionary

January 5, 2020

The effects of death and post-mortem cold ischemia on human tissue transcriptomes | Nature Communications

February 2, 2019

Changes in gene activity may one day reveal…time of death Discusses paper by @RodericGuigo (“Effects of death & post-mortem cold ischemia on….#transcriptomes,” Obvious forensic interest but maybe a #privacy angle as well

Changes in gene activity may one day reveal the time of death for crime victims

KiwiCo | Hands-On Learning & Experience Based Play | Subscription Box for Kids

January 25, 2019

Limonene – Wikipedia

January 2, 2019