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Preprints on the coronavirus have been impressively reliable | The Economist

February 24, 2022

Preprints on the coronavirus have been impressively reliable | The Economist

February 23, 2022

‘Lost’ medieval literature uncovered by techniques used to track wildlife | Science | AAAS

February 23, 2022

Could be used in other contexts than medieval lit.

Academics should stop fixating on the editorial power fallacy | Times Higher Education (THE)

June 21, 2020

Coronavirus Tests Science’s Need for Speed Limits – The New York Times

April 15, 2020

AI peer reviewers unleashed to ease publishing grind

August 11, 2019

Lame duck laureates

July 14, 2017

Lame duck laureates Interesting #bibliometric analysis of Nobelists: their normalized citations peak at the prize

“The authors count the number of citations for each Nobel
prize-winner, using a service provided by JSTOR, a digital library. They look at what happens to Nobel prize-winners before and after they win their prizes. The data span from 1930 to 2005. One of the problems facing the authors was that, in 2005, there were many more JSTOR articles than in 1930. Therefore, raw citation numbers were
standardised by the total number of articles published in that year. The authors call the standardised units “Arrows”, after Kenneth Arrow, the economist who won the prize in 1972.”

Great paper? Swipe right on the new ‘Tinder for preprints’ app

June 22, 2017

Swipe right on the new Tinder for preprints app, Papr by @JTLeek &co Gathering #statistics on the subconscious swipe

““We don’t believe that the data we are collecting is any kind of realistic peer review, but it does tell us something about the types of papers people find interesting and what leads them to be
suspicious,” Leek says. “Ultimately we hope to correlate this data with information about where the papers are published, retractions, and other more in-depth measurements of paper quality and interest.”

But don’t take Papr too seriously, because its developers don’t. “This app is provided solely for entertainment of the scientific community and may be taken down at any time with no notice because Jeff gets tired of it,” the Papr website says.”

Measuring Up: Impact Factors Do Not Reflect Article Citation Rates | The Official PLOS Blog

July 17, 2016

Impact Factors Don’t Reflect…Cit[es] In hiring should lone advocates for @PLOSOne work discount @Nature papers?

In dramatic statement, European leaders call for ‘immediate’ open access to all scientific papers by 20 20

June 7, 2016

European leaders call for immediate #OpenAccess to all sci papers by
’20 Spearheaded by Holland, home to Elsevier

“goal is part of a broader set of recommendations in support of open science, a concept that also includes improved storage of and access to research data. The Dutch government, which currently holds the rotating E.U. presidency, had lobbied hard for Europe-wide support for open science, as had Carlos Moedas, the European commissioner for research and innovation.
We probably don’t realize it yet, but what the Dutch presidency has achieved is just unique and huge,” Moedas said