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ENCODE Pilot Participants

September 24, 2022

found this:

It’s from this paper:

Feingold, E. A. and Pachter, L. (2004) The ENCODE (ENCyclopedia Of DNA Elements) Project. Science, 306 (5696). pp. 636-640. ISSN 0036-8075. doi:10.1126/science.1105136.

A single-cell atlas of chromatin accessibility in the human genome: Cell

November 12, 2021

A single-cell atlas of chromatin accessibility in the human genome

Kai Zhang 8
James D. Hocker 8
Michael Miller
Allen Wang
Sebastian Preissl
Bing Ren 9

Published:November 12, 2021


March 29, 2021

Insights & Outcomes: a new spin on quantum research, and the biology of sex | YaleNews

August 3, 2020
ENCODE and the dance between genes and DNA/RNA
Since 2003, the lab of Yale’s Mark Gerstein has played a major role in an international effort to catalog data on the complex interactions between genes and the segments of DNA and RNA that regulate their functions. The latest findings of the ENCODE project were published July 29 in 30 papers, four spearheaded by Gerstein’s lab, in a variety of scientific journals. Jing Zhang and Donghoon Lee from Gerstein’s lab have created a video illustrating science’s evolving understanding of the complex regulatory networks that can contribute to cancer and other diseases. The latest findings by the Gerstein lab and other major ENCODE contributors can be found on the Gerstein lab website. “}}

A Genome-wide Framework for Mapping Gene Regulation via Cellular Genetic Screens. – PubMed – NCBI

June 15, 2019


crisprQTL mapping as a genome-wide association framework for cellular genetic screens
Molly Gasperini, Andrew J. Hill, José L. McFaline-Figueroa, Beth Martin, Cole Trapnell, Nadav Ahituv, Jay Shendure

Untangling the Formation of DNA Loops – Scientific American

April 3, 2019


Untangling the Formation of DNA Loops

New discoveries on ancient loops in DNA offer clues into gene regulation

By Erez Lieberman Aiden

The effects of death and post-mortem cold ischemia on human tissue transcriptomes | Nature Communications

February 2, 2019

Changes in gene activity may one day reveal…time of death Discusses paper by @RodericGuigo (“Effects of death & post-mortem cold ischemia on….#transcriptomes,” Obvious forensic interest but maybe a #privacy angle as well

Changes in gene activity may one day reveal the time of death for crime victims

genome-wide starr-seq + sources of experimental bias

August 12, 2018

quite relevant

Resolving systematic errors in widely used enhancer activity assays in human cells

Felix Muerdter
, Łukasz M Boryń
, Ashley R Woodfin
, Christoph Neumayr
, Martina Rath
, Muhammad A Zabidi
, Michaela Pagani
, Vanja Haberle
, Tomáš Kazmar
, Rui R Catarino
, Katharina Schernhuber
, Cosmas D Arnold
& Alexander Stark

Nature Methods volume 15, pages141–149 (2018)

ncdriver and ENCODE

March 17, 2018

Received: 13 November 2017 Revised: 22 November 2017 Accepted: 29 November 2017

George Church Medical Info

January 5, 2018
George Church discloses a lot of his medical records