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Tip: How to migrate Google Photos images between accounts | Nackblog

November 11, 2020

Night Sky Map & Planets Visible Tonight in North Branford

April 7, 2020

Robot Rattle – Coding game by CLASS 42

October 26, 2019

Math portal

October 14, 2018

from 610 portal

Greg Tang Math – Kakooma is a particularly fun and fast-paced game on this site

NCTM Illuminations

Bedtime Math – there is also a Bedtime Math book available!

Thinking Blocks (

Programming for Kids | Kodable

October 14, 2018


October 14, 2018

Tools for gentle introduction to coding

October 14, 2018

Swift Playgrounds (

  • Drag simple blocks of code
  • Very gentle introduction to coding
  • Begin with controlling a video game character
  • iPad only

Scratch Jr (

  • Drag icons that represent code blocks
  • Tablet only (iPad & Android)

Blockly (

  • Similar to Swift Playgrounds in its introduction
  • Begin with controlling a video game character
  • Gentle introduction to coding
  • Exposure to basic programming syntax
  • Runs in browser
  • Tablet version in beta

Scratch (

  • More complex desktop version
  • Exposure to basic programming syntax
  • Also runs in browser

Hopscotch (

  • Nice video tutorials
  • Considers a broader range of applications than the other ones
  • Slightly less gentle introduction to coding
  • Tablet only (iPad & Android)

R Datacamp (

  • Browser-based introduction to R
  • Video tutorials
  • Guided interactive coding exercises
  • Full programming syntax

gravity – Would a light or a heavy ball roll fastest down a slope? – Physics Stack Exchange

January 28, 2017


both balls should have same acceleration (and therefore same velocity and displacement).

However, if there’s air drag, their acceleration depends on the radius and the mass of the ball, so not enough information is given for this case. If the balls are of the same material (same density ρρ), the larger one comes down faster than the smaller one.

A gradient of childhood self-control predicts health, wealth, and public safety

January 14, 2017

A gradient of childhood #selfcontrol predicts health, wealth & public safety From following 1K kids from 0 to 32 yrs