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Both Sides Of / Alex John Beck Photography

December 21, 2019

making symmetrical faces

The Visual Display of Quantitative Information: Edward R. Tufte: 9781930824133: Books

December 21, 2019

Announcing the “I Spy a Periodic Table” photo contest results

September 28, 2019

Great sci viz & #DataArt

fundamentals of data visualization

January 15, 2019

available online by the author

Brain cloud

December 16, 2018


October 27, 2018

Overnight went to from the #SigmaXimtg award lecture. Great movies, music & #DataArt . Impressed that Davis describes this & his whole career as just solving Ax=b when A is sparse

Fundamentals of data viz

June 12, 2018

a useful resource on data visualization.
Most chapters discuss obvious things, but chapter 13, 14 is very useful.

NPG 6591; Sir John Edward Sulston – Portrait – National Portrait Gallery

March 10, 2018

A great loss. A portrait open to future annotation & elaboration…!

A space oddity | 1843

February 24, 2018

A space oddity @TrevorPaglen’s art to show the hidden surveillance state & the shape of the corporate data mining “octopus” #DataArt

DNA Tattoos Are the Final Frontier of Love

December 18, 2017

DNA Tattoos Are the Final Frontier of Love Putting some DNA into tattoo ink via @Everence_Life. But what of putting tattoos into non-functional DNA with CRISPR? Maybe next? HT @gamzeandgursoy

Four years, a handful of dedicated colleagues and nearly a dozen patents later, Mr. Duffy has brought the idea to life with Everence, a product he and his partners hope will deepen bonds — in the most literal and physical way — between family, friends and loved ones. It is about as biologically intimate as one can get. Everence is a powdery substance synthesized from a sample of DNA, something as simple as a few thousand cells from a swab of a person’s inner cheek, or from cremated ashes. A small vial of Everence can be brought to a tattoo artist and added to any type of inks.
The result: A tattoo imbued with the DNA of another human being — or, if you prefer, a dog, cat or other furry friend.
In so doing, Mr. Duffy and Endeavor Life Sciences, his company, join the ranks of a winding list of biohackers, artists and technologists dabbling in the world of biogenic tattoo artistry. Many have mixed ash, hair or other material with inks to include organics in tattooing for years.