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NRGN Gene – GeneCards | NEUG Protein | NEUG Antibody

May 9, 2022

Aging related gene in capstone4

Biologically informed deep neural network for prostate cancer discovery | Nature

April 12, 2022

At #AACR22, @VanAllenLab gives a nice overview of his paper using an interpretable NN model to get insights into determining cancer severity (
Biologically informed deep neural network for prostate cancer discovery

Liked the way he hard-coded specific genes & pathways into the model & looked in detail where the model misclassified specific patients #AACR22 #AACR2022

Also, thought the hard-coding of genes into the model was similar to that in another interpretable AI approach (for brain disease, Could have used the “rank projection trees” from this to highlight important genes #AACR22 #AACR2022

Genomic Data from 2,000 Brains Provides Roots of Schizophrenia, Autism – Market Research Chronicle

September 14, 2019

neuroDEVELOPMENTS: Neuroscience Research to Clinical Relevance

March 31, 2019

the Lieber’s neuroDEVELOPMENTS newsletter, which features the PsychENCODE paper

Final Article — American Scholar Magazine

March 12, 2019

Decoding DNA
On the hunt for the genetic roots of mental illnesses

By Marcus Banks | March 4, 2019

The model, a form of artificial intelligence, aims to use abstract knowledge gained in the research lab to improve clinical treatments for real patients. The ultimate goal, says Gerstein, is to use the model to develop pharmaceutical treatments that reduce the impact of schizophrenia. Part of the challenge in developing drugs to treat the disease is the fact that it is not a one-size-fits-all condition. “]]

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February 15, 2019

Flexible statistical methods for estimating and testing effects in genomic studies with multiple conditions

December 25, 2018

seems to be better for eQTLs

Random links related to the PsychENCODE ’18 Rollout

December 23, 2018

Cleaning up stuff from the psychENCODE rollout (my tag “pecrollout”)

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Massive analysis refines map of autism’s genetic roots | Spectrum | Autism Research News

December 23, 2018

how to tweet a brain emoji

December 23, 2018

•Click to ‘compose a new tweet’
•Right (R) upper hand corner see emoji icon
•Click on it = find all available emoji by scrolling