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(544) NEW DOMINO RECORD + Most INSANE Spiral Ever! (32,000 Dominoes) – YouTube

April 7, 2021

Double-Trouble Dominoes

April 6, 2021

Thought this was a great video of geometric growth in action by @uoftphysics Prof. Stephen Morris Starting with a ~5mm domino you get to a one ~1 m in size in 13 domino topples. Overall, this chain reaction represents a 2 billion-fold amplification!

Dominoes are little toy rectangle tiles with dots on them. People like to stand them up on end in a long row, so when the first domino falls over, it knocks over the next domino, which knocks over the
next…pretty soon you have a rippling wave of falling dominoes. In this simple but amazing video, Stephen Morris shows that a little domino can knock over another one that’s 1 1/2 times as big in each direction. Then that one can tip over one that ‘s 1 1/2 times as big again. In this domino chain, the first one is only 1/4 inch tall, but the 13th domino weighs more than 100 pounds! If he kept going, the 29th domino would be as tall as the Empire State Building (1,454 feet). We’d all better get out of the way!

(498) Powers of Ten™ (1977) – YouTube

March 29, 2021

Video of growth of a complex organism

March 29, 2021

Pretty amazing footage of the growth of a newt from a single cell to a multi-organ individual:

Terrifying footage shows collapse of Arecibo Observatory’s massive radio telescope | Space

March 13, 2021

(462) How to make your own DNA model using LEGO™ – YouTube

February 9, 2021

(409) Stay Sane and Carry On – YouTube

January 11, 2021

(422) Don’t make this diet mistake! Measure peanut butter! – YouTube

January 11, 2021

(384) Beginners Guide to Cross-Country Skiing – YouTube

December 17, 2020

– don’t use poles to get up
– snowplow to stop
– kick & glide

The weird physics of upside down buoyancy – YouTube

September 18, 2020