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A Universal Flu Vaccine Is Possible: Time For The Government To Make It

January 25, 2023

What most surprised experts about the Covid pandemic – STAT

January 22, 2023

20/20 hindsight & 20/200 foresight

What most surprised experts about the Covid pandemic – STAT

January 21, 2023

Opinion | The XBB.1.5 variant shows the coronavirus is not done with us – The Washington Post

January 12, 2023

I’m listening

Happy Birthday, Omicron – The New York Times

December 3, 2022

But rather than a single lineage, it has exploded into hundreds, each with resistance to our immune defenses and its own alphanumeric name, like XBB, BQ.1.1 and CH.1.

How to Stay Safe From Covid This Holiday Season – The New York Times

October 30, 2022

When Should I Get the New Bivalent Booster? – The New York Times

September 24, 2022

Doctors and immunologists said that, in general, people should wait four to six months after immunization to get a booster. Likewise, if you were recently infected with the coronavirus, you might want to wait that same amount of time before getting another shot.

COVID may be no riskier than the flu for many people, some scientists argue : Shots – Health News : NPR

September 17, 2022

To Mask, or Not to Mask: Theaters and Concert Halls Face a Dilemma – The New York Times

September 12, 2022

Moderna Sues Pfizer and BioNTech Over Covid Vaccine Technology – The New York Times

August 27, 2022
Depressing that the heroes of the US vaccine are now locked in a nasty dispute.