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27 Days in Tokyo Bay: What Happened on the Diamond Princess | WIRED

October 19, 2021

Where Things Stand on Boosters for Three Vaccines in the U.S. – The New York Times

October 17, 2021

BinaxNOW COVID‐19 Antigen Self Test (2 Count) –

October 2, 2021 +

Computational scientists look for lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic

September 19, 2021
One computational achievement stands out from the rest—models of the virus’s proteins. In February 2020, with the virus spreading rapidly around the world, structural biologist Jason S. McLellan at the University of Texas at Austin and colleagues at the National Institutes of Health used cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) to make detailed structures of SARS-CoV-2’s spike protein. The virus uses the spike protein to attach to and enter human cells. This protein is a major target for drugs and vaccines. Within weeks of McLellan’s team publishing the cryo-EM data, Rommie Amaro’s group at the University of California San Diego used those structures to create the first computer models of the protein using artificial intelligence and other computational techniques.

In the months that followed, the group used those tools to make more-highly-detailed models of the spike protein. For example, the researchers modeled what the sugars that dot the protein’s surface look like—a feature that cryo-EM can’t capture but that is important for understanding how antibodies or drugs may interact with the protein. Their simulations also showed how the protein’s shape changes to reveal its receptor-binding domain, a region that scientists want to target with therapeutics. The work won Amaro’s group a special kind of Gordon Bell Prize, one of the most prestigious awards in

Over-the-counter COVID-19 tests make big promises. Do they deliver?

September 18, 2021

New York City, New York Covid Case Tracker – The New York Times

September 7, 2021
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Coronapod: Lessons from pandemic ‘war-game’ simulations

September 4, 2021

Coronapod: Lessons from pandemic ‘war-game’ simulations

Americans Are Losing Sight of the Pandemic Endgame – The Atlantic

September 4, 2021


Ultra-Vaccinated Israel’s Crisis Is a Dire Warning to America

August 28, 2021

A new study using wearable devices could help to define long covid | The Economist

August 26, 2021