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Why America’s Essentials Are Getting More Expensive While Its Toys Are Getting Cheap

February 10, 2017

[US] Essentials Are…More Expensive While…Toys…Cheap … #InfoGraphic comparing prices of new cars v repairing them

College & health care up & TVs, down

Trump’s Inauguration vs. Obama’s: Comparing the Crowds – The New York Times

January 20, 2017

Can You Tell if These Objects Are Real or Rendered?

December 26, 2016

Can You Tell if These…Are…Rendered? @Skrekkogle makes the real appear simulated. Implications for photo evidence

“The Norwegian design studio Skrekkogle played this game with Still File, a series of photos that look like renderings but aren’t. Instead of manipulating pixels on a screen, studio founders Lars Marcus Vedeler and Theo Zamudio-Tveterås created and photographed sets that look like scenes made with 3-D rendering software. “It’s a weirdly elaborate process,” Vedeler says.

In particularly cool photo, they 3-D printed three wildly distorted teapots, gave them a flat finish, and glued them to the background before photographing them as a surrealist scene. In another, they placed a marble, a plastic cone, and a wood-lined cube atop checkered paper lacquered with acrylic. The camera’s flash reflected the checkerboard pattern onto the objects, creating a false sense of depth.”

CUTTINGS – What Horrifies Roaches and Grows on Trees? –

October 16, 2016

What Horrifies Roaches & Grows on Trees? Now on the ground – the
#osage orange! More at

Roads to Rome

September 21, 2016

Holland Is Not A Dense Country, But An Empty City – Brilliant Maps

September 5, 2016

Holland isn’t a dense country but an empty city by @BrilliantMaps Great inversion. NYC area seems a good comparable

How Much Warmer Was Your City in 2015? – The New York Times

February 19, 2016

How Much Warmer Was Your City in ’15 Great #viz of NHV’s freezing Feb. & hot Dec. HT@chaubtu

Eric Pickersgill Captures How Cellphones Isolate Humans in ‘Removed’ – The Atlantic

October 18, 2015

How Cellphones Isolate Humans in @EricPickersgill’s The anti-social aspects of #socialmedia

The 65 Most Perfectly Timed Military Photos You’ll Ever See – The Roosevelts

September 19, 2015

42 maps that explain World War II – Vox

September 4, 2015

42 maps that explain WWII Has map w/ location of all London blitz bombs. Wow: been to many of these exact coordinates