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YCBDS biomedical data images

September 30, 2017

One image has a cool story related to data visualization:

Universe Baby Picture

May 27, 2017

Aaron Koblin – Flight Patterns

May 27, 2017

neat to see E coast go to sleep & wake with red-eyes at 6 am

motionless time lapse photos of city office buildings with lights going on and off across day and night -getty -shutterstock youtube – Google Search

March 14, 2017*

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Time Lapse Close Up On Skyscraper Office Building Day To Night Stock Footage Video 11208521 – Shutterstock

March 14, 2017

Time Lapse Lights Going Off In Offices In Windows Of Office Buildings Night Nyc Stock Footage Video | Getty Images

March 14, 2017

New Haven Crime Rates By Neighborhood

March 5, 2017

Nice demographic #maps (property values, crime &c) of NHV + other cities Related RedZone app

Avoid navigating through dangerous areas
RedZone Map by Zone Technologies Inc.

But if you have to go there keep your finger on the button
SafeTrek – Hold Until Safe℠ by SafeTrek, Inc.

Federal R&D Budget Dashboard | AAAS – The World’s Largest General Scientific Society

March 3, 2017

Federal R&D Budget Dashboard Great #DataViz of cuts & buildups of days past. NSF+NIH is dwarfed by DOD #funding

Why America’s Essentials Are Getting More Expensive While Its Toys Are Getting Cheap

February 10, 2017

[US] Essentials Are…More Expensive While…Toys…Cheap … #InfoGraphic comparing prices of new cars v repairing them

College & health care up & TVs, down

Trump’s Inauguration vs. Obama’s: Comparing the Crowds – The New York Times

January 20, 2017