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NIH TOC listening

July 1, 2022

Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) |

March 26, 2022

Has useful screenshots of each page

SciENcv: Science Experts Network Curriculum Vitae

March 24, 2022 &

login via era commons & then use

report on Yale NSF audit

September 2, 2020

from the NIH session at ISMB

July 27, 2020

privacy component in the first year from nhgri – this initiative is similar to bd2k

What Bill Gates’s Foundation Is Doing to Fight Coronavirus – Bloomberg

May 31, 2020

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): Information for NIH Applicants and Recipients of NIH Funding

March 28, 2020

Science funders gamble on grant lotteries

February 23, 2020

appears to be in use in New Zealand

Submission Policies |

October 6, 2019

Due Dates on Holidays/Weekends/NIH Office Closures
When a postmark/submission date falls on a weekend, Federal holiday , or Washington, DC area Federal office closure (NOT-OD-17-041), the application deadline is automatically extended to the next business day.
Note: NIH FOAs are posted with a short grace period which allows applications to be submitted even if the submission deadline shifts beyond the expiration date of the FOA. As always, applicants must check the eRA Commons to view their application and ensure it has successfully made it to NIH.

Faculty and Research Support | Giving to Yale

September 23, 2018

Endowed chairs enable Yale to attract outstanding academic talent to the faculty. Because the endowment secures the position itself, it enables Yale to appoint a distinguished professor whenever a position becomes vacant, building a tradition of leadership in the selected discipline. The endowed chair is widely recognized as the most prestigious honor a university can bestow on an accomplished faculty member.