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Why a Brisk Walk Is Better

March 20, 2017

Why a Brisk #Walk Is Better Faster walkers are #healthier, but is this remedy or diagnostic? Correlation v causation

Fighting Hearing Loss From the Crowd’s Roar

March 9, 2017

Fighting #Hearing Loss From the Crowd’s Roar Silent, cumulative loss from the effect of loud sounds over a lifetime

Ears are deceptive. Even if they seem to recover from the muffling, ringing and fullness after a rousing game, they don’t really recover. It’s not just the tiny sensory cells in the cochlea that are damaged by noise, Dr. Liberman said, but also the nerve fibers between the ears and the brain that degrade over time.
Too much noise causes not just partial deafness, which usually starts with trouble hearing in background noise, but an assortment of poorly-understood auditory abnormalities. These include tinnitus, or ringing in the ear, and hyperacusis, a sensitivity or intolerance to sound, sometimes with ear pain.

Medical Coverage | It’s Your Yale — Enroll

December 30, 2016

Easy comparison of smart care v choice plans


The Aetna Smart Care Plan provides quality care along with an expansive network of medical care facilities for your healthcare coverage.
How It Works: After you meet your deductible, the plan pays 90 percent for most covered in-network services up to the annual out-of-pocket maximum. Once the annual out-of-pocket maximum has been reached, the plan pays 100 percent.
…A E T N A C H O I C E P L A N
The Aetna Choice POS II medical plan provides coverage for a wide range of medical expenses. The plan also provides coverage for certain preventive and wellness benefits.
How It Works: Through Aetna Choice, you pay for care, except preventive services, until you meet the deductible which varies based on the plan you choose. Once you’ve reached your deductible, your plan pays for 90 percent for most covered services and you pay 10 percent until you reach the annual out-of-pocket maximum.


December 30, 2016

Delhi Closes Over 1,800 Schools in Response to Dangerous Smog

November 19, 2016

Delhi Closes >1,800 Schools in Response to Dangerous Smog Wow: #airquality equiv. to ~25 cigarettes/day

Data mining reveals that Pokemon Go players increased their activity levels by 25 percent on average

November 19, 2016

Pokemon GO players increased their activity levels by 25% From doing query relating websearch terms w. band usage

A Big Tobacco Moment for the Sugar Industry – The New Yorker

September 17, 2016

A Big Tobacco Moment for the Sugar Industry Amazing how much impact ~5M in ’16$ & 1 @NEJM review had on the US #diet

Miracle meal or rotten swindle? The truth about superfoods | New Scientist

September 1, 2016

Miracle meal or rotten swindle? The truth about #superfoods Praises kale & blueberries; pans quinoa & baobab

Supplement Ratings and Reviews – Labdoor

April 9, 2016

Nice site w/ rankings of vitamins

Here’s the vit. D rankings:

01 Carlson Labs Vitamin D3 A
02 Nutrigold Vitamin D3 Gold 1000 IU A
03 Nutrigold Vitamin D3 Gold 2000 IU A
04 Nature Made Vitamin D3 A
05 Nature’s Way Vitamin D3 A
06 Nordic Naturals Vitamin D3 A
07 NOW Foods Vitamin D3 A
08 Solgar Vitamin D3 A
09 GNC Vitamin D3 A
10 Thorne Research Vitamin D A

Here’s the mulitvitamin rankings:

01 Garden of Life Vitamin Code For Men A
02 Garden of Life Vitamin Code Perfect Weight A
03 Nature’s Way Alive Max Potency Multivitamin A
04 Rainbow Light Men’s One A
05 Garden of Life Vitamin Code For Women A
06 NOW Foods Adam Men’s Multivitamin A
07 NOW Foods Eve Women’s Multivitamin A
08 GNC Mega Men A
09 Carlson Labs Super 2 Daily A
10 Rainbow Light Women’s One A
11 GNC Mega Men Energy & Metabolism A
12 Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men A
13 TwinLab Daily One Caps A
14 Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw One For Men A-
15 Controlled Labs Orange TRIad A-
Very critical of centrum!

All About Heart Rate (Pulse)

March 19, 2016

should be betw 60 & 100 but could be lower if you exercise