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Massimo on Twitter: “When throwing paint turns into a masterpiece. Paul Kenton is a contemporary artist, acclaimed for his cityscape paintings which capture the unique energy of cities across the world source, more videos:” / Twitter

December 9, 2022

Alex Telford on Twitter: “Of 100 drugs entering clinical development, only 8 or so are eventually approved. A sankey diagram nicely shows that even though phase II has the highest failure rate, phase I is actually where most drugs get dropped in absolute terms (data from BIO)” / Twitter

November 1, 2022

Tansu YEĞEN on Twitter: “Some of these egg receipts deserve to be noted for the weekend🍳🥚 TT@ karlgtv66 h ttps://” / Twitter

October 17, 2022

emily nunn on Twitter: “This is all I care about anymore” / Twitter

July 2, 2022


Mark D. Levine on Twitter: “Not enough people know: NYC is now offering *free, same-day home delivery* of paxlovid (new, effective anti-viral pill). If you test pos, especially if you’re hi-risk, ask your doc about this treatment. If you don’t have a doc call 212-COVID19. And for now we have good supply.” / Twitter

March 26, 2022

Dr Kirstin Ferguson on Twitter: “The clever people at @NASA have created this deceptively simple yet highly effective data visualisation showing monthly global temperatures between 1880-2021. Watch until the end… Learn more here – #ClimateEmergency #ClimateCrisis #climate” / Twitter

March 17, 2022

Jeffrey Barrett on Twitter: “Took a look at the spike mutations in B.1.1.529 this evening, and colour coded them (details below)…there is…not much green.🧵” / Twitter

November 26, 2021


iGenomics: Comprehensive DNA Sequence Analysis on your Smartphone | bioRxiv

February 16, 2020

iGenomics: Comprehensive DNA Sequence Analysis on your Smartphone | bioRxiv

how to get twitter data

September 28, 2019

All My Tweets – View all your tweets on one pagesss.

July 8, 2019