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Oura Ring: the most accurate sleep and activity tracker

July 21, 2019

maybe an alt. to the garmin vivosmart for sleep tracking

Obama After Dark: The Precious Hours Alone –

July 4, 2016

Obama After Dark Interesting tidbits: 2a-7a #sleep, quiet time post-dinner, Times on sofa w/ iPad, Fri movie night

quiet time after dinner on sofa or easy chair

Can Gizmos Cure Insomnia? – The New Yorker

May 8, 2016

In search of 40 winks Nice but slightly critical survey of #sleep gadgets (trackers, beds, snore suppressors, &c)

Mysteries of Sleep Lie Unsolved

January 3, 2016

Mysteries of Sleep Lie Unsolved The Sense readily tracks #sleep w/o much effort but does it help one sleep better? Sense with Sleep Pill – Sleep Monitor and Smart Alarm, Cotton

December 14, 2015

Now I lay me down to sleep

November 11, 2015

Now I lay me down to sleep City dwellers #sleep 7.5 hrs. Hunter/gathers, 5.7-7.1. Electric lights not keeping us up

Michel Siffre – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

October 12, 2015

sleep researcher

The Paleo Lifestyle: The Way, Way, Way Back –

September 22, 2014

The #Paleo Lifestyle: The Way, Way, Way Back #Diet expands to caveman habits for sleep, exercise & gadget use

Is Sleep Essential?

August 3, 2014

Is Sleep Essential? Amusing evidence from varied animals, eg 1-hemisphere dolphin #sleep & dying sleep-deprived rats

The Sleeping Habits of Geniuses — New York Magazine

June 15, 2014

MT @Bruce35dc The sleeping habits of #geniuses. Great #graphic shows Darwin as an outlier