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University Science Strategy Committee Report

June 20, 2018

Long-awaited @Yale STEM report calls for new research institutes Top recommendation is a new #DataScience institute! Followed by one for #Neuroscience. Cross-cutting recommendations on grad. student support & sci. cores (

Blog post itself has some interesting “text evolution”:

Points from the new University Science Strategy Committee Report :

Under Five Ideas for Top-Priority Investment: (University-wide Institute for) Integrative Data Science and its Mathematical Foundations and Neuroscience, from Molecules to Mind

Under Five Additional Priority Ideas: Computer Science, Conquering Cancer, Precision Medicine, Regenerative Medicine

Mark Gerstein — a professor of biomedical informatics— similarly emphasized the value of a new data science institute that would integrate Yale’s science campuses and discourage research “silos.” …
Another concern is establishing the specific role of the institute amid the various departments and programs at Yale that perform data science research, Gerstein said. For example, he said, Yale’s new Center for Biomedical Data Science, which Gerstein co-directs, might eventually be folded into the proposed institute.

RNA-Seq Blog | Transcriptome Research & Industry News

June 15, 2018

Fundamentals of data viz

June 12, 2018

a useful resource on data visualization.
Most chapters discuss obvious things, but chapter 13, 14 is very useful.

Papers for Journal Club

June 7, 2018

Alternative evolutionary histories in the sequence space of an ancient protein Great viz of different potential but not necessarily realized evolutionary trajectories. Quite relevant for molecular #evolution & #pseudogenes

IBM pitched Watson as a revolution in cancer care. It’s nowhere close

June 6, 2018

Microsoft has reportedly acquired GitHub

June 3, 2018

Oh no…

Potential role for microglia in Alzheimer’s

June 2, 2018

Alzheimer’s may be caused by haywire immune system eating brain connections Study targets new mechanism in fight against cognitive decline

Fitness Tracker, Sleep Tracker & Heart Rate Monitor | Motiv Ring

June 1, 2018

mammalian tissue expression database

June 1, 2018

curated tissue expression database for mammalians: human, mouse, rat, pig

paper: a relevant figure:

Train times Cambridge to London Kings Cross

May 26, 2018

Please see attached train times schedule from Cambridge to London.

You can also check other times online using this link:

The destination is recognised as London Kings Cross.