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Message Center (AMZN, where messages from buyers appear)

November 21, 2020!/inbox

Dryad Home – Publish and Preserve your Data

November 16, 2020

Tip: How to migrate Google Photos images between accounts | Nackblog

November 11, 2020

How to Keep the Coronavirus at Bay Indoors – The New York Times

October 4, 2020

thought this was useful…

Tips for dodging the virus as Americans retreat from colder weather: Open the windows, buy an air filter — and forget the UV lights. …
For a classroom or office, a portable air cleaner suited to the room’s size “is a great low-cost plug-and-play strategy to give you several air changes per hour of clean air,” Dr. Allen said. These are compact devices that can be plugged into any outlet; effective models are available for less than $200.
Some people mistakenly think that the average air filter, portable or part of a larger system, is no match for the microscopic virus. But “the virus is not naked in the air,” Dr. Marr said. “It comes out in respiratory droplets.”


Cell Biology by the Numbers

August 30, 2020

TaskRabbit connects you to safe and reliable help in your neighborhood

August 23, 2020

BuiltWith Technology Lookup

August 22, 2020

Dark Sky – Rogers St, Branford Center, CT

August 16, 2020,-72.8151/us12/en

Lookup Mac Specs By Serial Number, Order, Model & EMC Number, Model ID @

June 3, 2020

How to reset your AirPort base station – Apple Support

June 3, 2020,folder%20of%20your%20Applications%20folder.
works for airport A1470