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Message header Parser

June 19, 2019

GTEx somatic mosaicism from RNA-Seq in Science

June 8, 2019

Hyphens in paper titles harm citation counts

June 1, 2019

genopri’19 in Boston

June 1, 2019

6th International Workshop on
Genome Privacy and Security (GenoPri’19)

October 21-22, 2019, Boston, USA

Co-located with GA4GH 7th Plenary Meeting, The Hynes Convention Center, Boston, USA October 21-23, 2019

Compelling argument against Slack

May 27, 2019

Stop Letting Modern Distractions Steal Your Attention

Making yourself inaccessible from time to time is essential to boosting your focus.

This kind of task switching comes with a cost. It’s called attention residue, a term established by Sophie Leroy, a professor at the Bothell School of Business at the University of Washington. In a 2009 study, Dr. Leroy found that if people transition their attention away from an unfinished task, their subsequent task performance will suffer. For example, if you interrupt writing an email to reply to a text message, it will take time to refocus when you turn your attention back to finishing your email. That little bit of time of adjusting your focus — the residue — compounds throughout the day. As we fragment our attention, fatigue and stress increases, which negatively affects performance.

At the very least, she said, start leaving your phone behind during certain periods of the day, and perhaps establishing no-phone zones in your house or workplace. Treat it as an experiment: Try things and see what makes you feel good, she said.

annotation score

May 18, 2019

exome score and annotation

whole genome score and annotation

Single-cell genomics of autism

May 18, 2019

Hands on: Atmotube Pro, an iPhone-connected portable air quality alert system

May 12, 2019

How Amazon’s $97 million Eero acquisition screwed employees and minted millionaires

May 6, 2019

Lack of cash flow; The negative payday

FYI: National Quantum Initiative Act

May 3, 2019

the National Quantum Initiative Act. Details of this Act are available at