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Teaching Python on Chromebooks is Easy with Trinket

November 9, 2021 login is google acct

Your Work – CodePen

August 1, 2021
referred to in the Elliot Davis book

login via twitter

assorted book lot photo – Free Bookcase Image on Unsplash

August 31, 2020

first is

Good zoom backgrounds


Dark Sky – Rogers St, Branford Center, CT

August 16, 2020,-72.8151/us12/en

Little Alchemy

August 11, 2020

How to Take a Screenshot or Picture of What’s On Your Computer Screen

May 25, 2020

everything : (Control+) Cmd+Shift+3
select : (control+) cmd-shift-4 (opt + space)
tool: cmd-shift-5 Login Address as of July 2019

July 8, 2019

goes to webhosting control panel,
where one can login with an old Y ID (eg mbgmbg)
to get to the domain, website & email control panels

goes to mail reader for old Y IDs (eg c999448, rm, &c)

Where are local Evernote files stored on a Mac? – Evernote for Mac – Evernote User Forum

May 25, 2019

for me, I needed to “rm -f”

/Users/mbg/Library/Group Containers/

How to use Evernote’s advanced search syntax – Evernote Help & Learning

April 27, 2019

ex: search I like:

created:20190101 notebook:”mbgmbg’s notebook” -tag:processed0mg

The complete list of ‘OK, Google’ commands

February 3, 2018

Some that l liked.


Set an alarm for [specific time, or amount of time]. Ex.: “Set alarm for 10 a.m.” Or “Set alarm for 20 minutes from now.”
Set a timer for [X] minutes.
Note to self [contents of note].
Define [word].
Synonyms for [word].
Etymology of [word].
What sound does [animal] make?
What does the fox say?
How many calories are in [insert food item]?
Do a barrel roll.
Roll a die.
Flip a coin.
Translate [phrase or word] to [language]. Ex.: “Translate ‘where is the bathroom?’ to German.”

NEW in ’18 – I think

OK Google, Tell Me a Joke
Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right. Easter egg.
Who are you? Easter egg.