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Investigating the case of human nose shape and climate adaptation

September 25, 2017

The case of human nose shape & climate adaptation Comparing its Qst-Fst statistic w/ that for height & skin color

“To address the question of whether local adaptation to climate is responsible for nose shape divergence across populations, we use Qst–Fst comparisons to show that nares width and alar base width are more differentiated across populations than expected under genetic drift alone. To test whether this differentiation is due to climate adaptation, we compared the spatial distribution of these variables with the global distribution of temperature, absolute humidity, and relative humidity. We find that width of the nares is correlated with temperature and absolute humidity, but not with relative humidity. We conclude that some aspects of nose shape may indeed have been driven by local adaptation to climate. However, we think that this is a simplified explanation of a very complex evolutionary history, which possibly also involved other non-neutral forces such as sexual selection.”


Genopri 2017 – Home

September 2, 2017

ASHG 2017 Schedule of Events | ASHG 2017 Annual Meeting

September 2, 2017

HGVS 8:30 – 4 on Tue 10/17
Hilton Orlando Hotel
Lake Eola, Lobby Level

ASHG Pres. address in convention center on Tue. 10/17 at 4:30 pm

Following sessions in the rest of the week at the convention center

iDASH Privacy & security workshop 2017 – Home

September 2, 2017

GitHub – ejfertig/NSFBiosketch: R markdown file to extract list of collaborators and affiliations from pubmed for NSF biosketch

August 27, 2017

Buy and sell used stuff

August 2, 2017

2 Ways to Use a Custom Domain with Dropbox – fredericiana

July 25, 2017


Option 2: CNAME

There’s another option that doesn’t require any changes to your server. However, you’ll need access to your provider’s DNS settings.

If you do have such access, you can create a DNS CNAME record. A CNAME record is essentially a domain alias, forwarding one domain name to another.

It’s pretty simple:

  1. Access your provider’s DNS settings menu. Providers should have a help file about how to do this, like this one from Hover.
  2. Add a new DNS record, type: CNAME.
  3. Choose a domain name (such as and point it to

Once the changes have been picked up by the DNS system, you’re done! Your screenshots will be available under a URL like:

While certainly elegant, one (big) caveat of this solution is that the resulting URLs still contain the portion /u/XYZ/Screenshots. Because the CNAME record works purely on a domain level, there is no way for us to hide this portion of the URLs with this method.


IBM Watson Developer Cloud

July 18, 2017

Post-transcriptional regulation across human tissues

July 16, 2017

Post-transcriptional reg…across…tissues [v genes], by @SlavovLab Simpson’s paradox! Diff in protein-mRNA corr.

Set Up, Manage and Protect Apple Devices at Work | Jamf Now

July 14, 2017