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More New Yorkers Opting for Life in the Bike Lane – The New York Times

August 2, 2017

More NYers Opting for…the Bike Lane – 450k trips/day v. 170k in ’05 But there’s #bikelash from walkers & drivers

Aparkalypse now: The perilous politics of parking | The Economist

April 20, 2017

Aparkalypse now…politics of #parking Determining of congestion more than roads, the white space of city planning

We still don’t really know how bicycles work

January 20, 2017

We still don’t really know how #bicycles work Still rides upright with special wheels cancelling gyroscopic effect

“The most definitive analysis came exactly a century later. It involved an experimental bicycle that had all its gyroscopic effects cancelled out by a system of counter-rotating wheels. The effort of building such a strange contraption was worth it: the resulting paper was published the prestigious journal Science.
The publication plunged bicycle dynamics back into chaos. It turns out that taking into account the angles of the headset and the forks, the distribution of weight and the handlebar turn, the gyroscopic effects are not enough to keep a bike upright after all. What does? We simply don’t know. Forget mysterious dark matter and the inexplicable accelerating expansion of the universe; the bicycle represents a far more embarrassing hole in the accomplishments of physics.”

Paper bike helmet wins Dyson award – BBC News

November 17, 2016

Paper bike helmet wins @JDF award ~$4 foldup @EcoHelmet might be useful for shared #bikes; degrades after a few uses

bikes in NYC

October 11, 2016

#Bike lanes are a sound public health investment Each $1.3K for NYC provides 1 additional QALY for city residents

….But perhaps non-riders benefit more than riders (who are at risk for injury) cc @dspakowicz

New study of the economics of adding more bikes to NYC (ironically published in the journal “injury prevention”).

pop press article:

Every $1,300 New York City invested in building bike lanes in 2015 provided benefits equivalent to one additional year of life at full health over the lifetime of all city residents, according to a new economic assessment.
That’s a better return on investment than some direct health treatments, like dialysis, which costs $129,000 for one
quality-adjusted life year, or QALY, said coauthor Dr. Babak Mohit of the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University in New York.

Painting unprotected bike lanes into roads may not reduce injury and death, she said.

The Road Ahead » American Scientist

September 18, 2016

The Road Ahead A future w. sensors in cars, roads & bridges. Could they also be added to #bikes to avoid collisions?

In New York, It’s a Crush to Find a Citi Bike During Rush – WSJ

September 18, 2016