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Which one of the following is the best example of two mutually exclusive projects? using the company –

March 4, 2023


The correct option is C) Renting out a company warehouse or selling it outright.

Step-by-step explanation:

Consider the provided information.

Mutually Exclusive projects are the set of projects from which only one investment project can be selected.

Now consider the provided options:

Option A) Using the company sales force to promote sales of both shoes and socks.

This project is not mutually Exclusive, as both shoes and socks promotion is required.

Option B) Buying sufficient equipment to manufacture both desks and chairs simultaneously.

This project is not mutually Exclusive, because the required equipment should manufacture both desks and chairs.

Option C) Renting out a company warehouse or selling it outright.

This is correct option, as either the warehouse has to be rented or sold.

Option D) Planning to build a warehouse and a retail outlet side by side.

This project is not mutually Exclusive. Because it is the set of two projects.

Option E) Buying both inventory and fixed assets using funds from the same bank loan?

This project is not mutually Exclusive, Because it is the set of two projects. “}}

Effective Annual Rate (EAR) – Definition, Examples, Interpretation

March 4, 2023

The effective annual rate is the actual rate which the investor earns on his investment, or the borrower pays to the lender. It depends on the number of compounding periods and the nominal rate of interest. The EAR increases if the number of compounding periods increases for the same nominal rate, the highest being if the compounding is done continuously.

Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH): Definition and Critique

March 4, 2023
What Is the Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH)?
The efficient market hypothesis (EMH), alternatively known as the efficient market theory, is a hypothesis that states that share prices reflect all information and consistent alpha generation is impossible. “}}

All else constant, a bond will sell at _____ when the yield to maturity is _____ the coupon rate. – Google Search

March 4, 2023

Days Sales Outstanding (DSO): Definition, Calculation, and Formula – Zoho Books

February 23, 2023,the%20completion%20of%20a%20sale.

Cash Flow—It’s Not the Bottom Line

February 18, 2023

Learn How to Calculate NPV and IRR in Excel | Excelchat

February 9, 2023

=NPV(F2, B4:B10) + B3
The parameter rate is the cell F2, while the values are in the range B4:B10. We omit the first value from B3, as it is negative and add it to the function result.

Present Value Interest Factor (PVIF): Formula and Definition

January 28, 2023

Present Value Interest Factor of Annuity (PVIFA) Formula, Tables

January 28, 2023

Holding Period Return (HPR) | Formula + Calculator

January 27, 2023