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GDPR’s effect on genomic research outside the Europe

August 9, 2020

uniformly processed and annotated tumor single-cell rna-seq data of > 2M cells

August 9, 2020

Some scientists (G. Church) are taking a DIY coronavirus vaccine, and nobody knows if it’s legal or if it works

August 2, 2020

This is quite crazy

Why a Data Breach at a Genealogy Site Has Privacy Experts Worried

August 2, 2020

from the NIH session at ISMB

July 27, 2020

privacy component in the first year from nhgri – this initiative is similar to bd2k

Responsible, practical genomic data sharing that accelerates research

July 27, 2020

Personalized and graph genomes reveal missing signal in epigenomic data

June 14, 2020

Personalized and graph genomes reveal missing signal in epigenomic data Cristian Groza, Tony Kwan, Nicole Soranzo, Tomi Pastinen & Guillaume Bourque Genome Biology volume 21, Article number: 124 (2020)

QT:{{ “Using permissive cutoffs, modified reference genomes are found to alter approximately 1% of peak calls while de novo assembled genomes alter up to 5% of peaks.” }}

biorxiv pre-prints can have PMIDs

June 13, 2020

facial recognition debate

June 11, 2020

A Case for Banning Facial Recognition

sequencing of Dead Sea Scrolls

June 6, 2020
Illuminating Genetic Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls