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Cc2d2a Chemically induced Allele Detail MGI Mouse (MGI:5311382)

August 19, 2019

b2b1035Clo = Blue meanie mutation

Cc2d2ab2 ^ b1035Clo
Name:coiled-coil and C2 domain containing 2A; Bench to Bassinet Program (B2B/CVDC), mutation 1035 Cecilia Lo
MGI ID:MGI:5311382
Synonyms:Blue meanie
Gene:Cc2d2a Location: Chr5:43662373-43740975 bp, + strand Genetic Position: Chr5, 23.78 cM
Heterotaxy indicated by left lung isomerism with left sided IVC and TGA (observed by EFIC imaging)

Mutation details: This ENU-induced mutation was isolated in a screen at the University of Pittsburgh. The molecular lesion is a C to T substitution at coding nucleotide 2845 in exon 23 of the cDNA (c.2845C>T, NM_172274). This changes the arginine residue to a translation stop at position 949 of the encoded protein (p.R949*). (J:175213) Additional incidental mutations were detected in sequencing for the causative mutation, Cc2d2ab2b1035Clo, and may be present in stocks carrying this mutation.

SHANK3 | Spectrum | Autism Research News

July 19, 2019

From Zhu et al. Science (’18)
Further analysis revealed that the ASD-associated genes SHANK2 and SHANK3, which encode synaptic scaffolding proteins at the postsynaptic density of excitatory glutamatergic synapses, exhibited earlier expression in the macaque NCX and other brain regions relative to humans (Fig. 7B).

time – Why is a second equal to the duration of exactly 9,192,631,770 periods of radiations? – Physics Stack Exchange

May 26, 2019


CACNA1C: Association With Psychiatric Disorders, Behavior, and Neurogenesis | Schizophrenia Bulletin | Oxford Academic

May 19, 2019

Calcium Voltage-Gated Channel Subunit Alpha1 C

PDE5A Gene – GeneCards | PDE5A Protein | PDE5A Antibody

May 19, 2019

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867-5309/Jenny – Wikipedia

May 17, 2019

Ideal gas law – Wikipedia – PV=nRT

April 14, 2019

ROBO4 Gene – GeneCards | ROBO4 Protein | ROBO4 Antibody

April 7, 2019

The highly pleiotropic gene SLC39A8 as an opportunity to gain insight into the molecular pathogenesis of schizophrenia – Costas – 2018 – American Journal of Medical Genetics Part B: Neuropsychiatric Genetics – Wiley Online Library

April 7, 2019

assoc w. SCZ+Chron’s
protective to Parkinson’s

LDLR gene – Genetics Home Reference – NIH

April 7, 2019
LDLR – 4X risk for heart attack (currently most) + 5X incr risk for LOF variants