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Inside the Real-Life Succession Battle at Scholastic – The New York Times

December 25, 2021

Maintain Productivity with Remote Access – Remote Desktop Software | GoToMyPC

October 12, 2021

A perfect storm for container shipping | The Economist

October 2, 2021

The spot price for sending such a box from Shanghai to New York, which in 2019 would have been around $2,500, is now nearer $15,000. Securing a late booking on the busiest route, from China to the west coast of America, could cost $20,000.

Some observers think normality may return after Chinese new year next February. Peter Sand of bimco says disruptions could even take a year to unwind. Lars Jensen of Vespucci Maritime, an advisory firm, notes that a dockers’ strike on America’s west coast in 2015 caused similar disruption, albeit only in the region. It still took six months to unwind the backlog.

Luma Board | A Transparent White Board For Remote Instruction

September 30, 2021

Personal assistant for your emails streamlines your life | New Scientist

August 30, 2021

Gmail Valet?

Apple AirTags only partly stop stalking – The Washington Post

August 20, 2021

free text expansion tool: espanso

August 13, 2021

a light weighted text expansion tool: espanso, support win, mac, linux and dropbox, dropbox etc syncing.
Here is the link:

How Apple’s iPhone and Apps Trap You in a Walled Garden

August 8, 2021

Video transcribing tool

July 25, 2021

a web app that transcribes your video (ie zoom talk). What’s cool is that editing the transcribed text edits the video. You can change the text to speak something different than the original. Check out their promotional video.

Edit Video Fast | Simon Says

July 3, 2021
Does AI transcription