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Giant Panda Family Rolls, Slides and Tumbles Around in Snow at National Zoo – NBC4 Washington

January 31, 2021

Hope the coming snow is as fun for humans here in CT as it was for Pandas in DC (@NationalZoo). Panda fur really seems to help for sliding around in the snow — even with a thick, padded jacket, I certainly can’t slide down hills on my back!

Checkerboard Chocolates

January 29, 2021

A Look at Some of the World’s Most Modern and Beautiful Chocolates

When we saw the photo of these amazing chocolates, the first thing we asked was, “Would anyone want to eat them?” How can you mess up something that looks so cool? These perfectly shaped mathematical wonders were made by Japanese company Nendo for the big Maison & Objet design show in Paris (that’s French for “House and Object”). The candies were made by pouring chocolate into a “mold,” a hollow shape cut so that when the candies cool down, they pop out looking like these. Suddenly a flat chocolate bar doesn’t seem as exciting as a spiky crown or checkerboard chunk — but in any shape, it all tastes good.

(409) Stay Sane and Carry On – YouTube

January 11, 2021

NYTimes: Steve Martin Likes Books in the ‘I Can’t Put This Down’ Genre

January 6, 2021

Really enjoyed this interview of @SteveMartinToGo. Neat that he’s an audiobooks freak. (I am too!) Also, agreed with his assessment: “Bookstores could easily have only two sections, Riveting & Kinda Boring.”

2020 trends

December 30, 2020

Night Sky Map & Planets Visible Tonight in North Branford

April 7, 2020

DNA Origami | NHGRI

April 2, 2020

The Milkmaid — Google Arts & Culture

December 22, 2018

Vinome – wine DNA

May 18, 2018

Your DNA Guide to Wines You’ll Love

Augmented reality for macromolecule viewing

April 22, 2018

Incredible Android app for AR viewing of macromolecules Especially neat when pointed at another phone or tablet. Shows the molecule literally coming out of the screen HT @gamzeandgursoy

an app that might be interesting: When you look at the molecule pictures that are called triggers through this
app, it shows them three dimensional in different angles. You can even
create movie type augmented realities.