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The Milkmaid — Google Arts & Culture

December 22, 2018

Vinome – wine DNA

May 18, 2018

Your DNA Guide to Wines You’ll Love

Augmented reality for macromolecule viewing

April 22, 2018

Incredible Android app for AR viewing of macromolecules Especially neat when pointed at another phone or tablet. Shows the molecule literally coming out of the screen HT @gamzeandgursoy

an app that might be interesting: When you look at the molecule pictures that are called triggers through this
app, it shows them three dimensional in different angles. You can even
create movie type augmented realities.

⚡️ “How many triangles can you see in this picture?

April 19, 2018


Agree. Found most convincing explanation from – though for some reason there’s an argument for 24 w/ a different number of horz. lines (viz CC
@JohnTillinghast @adinasarapu @RThakur_MELGEN @marcotrizzino @Iam_Ineffable @DaPakiGuy

⚡️ “How many triangles can you see in this picture? 🤔”

Emperor Akihito’s publications

March 17, 2018 Some of the Publications by His Majesty Emperor Akihito
Some of the Publications by His Majesty Emperor Akihito The Emperor, then Crown Prince Akihito, co-authored the entry on gobiid fishes in the The Fishes of the

It feels colder in parts of Canada than on Mars

March 3, 2018 QT:{{”
“For comparison: It’s about 1 degree at Antartica’s Amundsen-Scott weather station. (NB: It’s “summer” down there.) On Thursday, the Mars Gale Crater reached -9.4 degrees, making it feel warmer than Saskatoon, Montreal and Calgary. (At night, NASA’s Curiosity rover recorded lows of -112 degrees. So, take heart, Canadians! It’s warmer in Canada than Mars in the dead of night.)”

CV of failures

August 27, 2017

CV of failures, by @jhaushofer ‏ Funny anti-version of the real thing – but more successful at attracting attention


Unscramble Words

August 27, 2017

Turn Your Hair Straightener into a Microwave — Following: How We Live Online

April 23, 2016

21khz: The Art of Money In Music

December 31, 2015

Some quick thoughts after listening to first 9 episodes

“Will Musicians Survive in the Age of Free When the “Bottle” is worth more than the wine” – a great line & an observation that the spotify platform is worth more than its music . See also:

“Intent, Licenses and “Sweat of the Brow” – helpful discussion of copyright but it would have been nice to hear about copyleft & re-combining of artworks

“two letters and a number” – was originally someone’s name. Robertson’s story how on how to be sued & wooed simultaneously

“so… Why does Liza Minnelli get paid when the Sex Pistols Stream?” – how to weight things (downloads or listeners) & various frauds based on this…

Can you Sell Something that Doesn’t Exist? – Superfans: would you rather collect unemployment or by the latest Doors album?