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Harvard is putting its photography classes online for free

January 15, 2017

Can You Tell if These Objects Are Real or Rendered?

December 26, 2016

Can You Tell if These…Are…Rendered? @Skrekkogle makes the real appear simulated. Implications for photo evidence

“The Norwegian design studio Skrekkogle played this game with Still File, a series of photos that look like renderings but aren’t. Instead of manipulating pixels on a screen, studio founders Lars Marcus Vedeler and Theo Zamudio-Tveterås created and photographed sets that look like scenes made with 3-D rendering software. “It’s a weirdly elaborate process,” Vedeler says.

In particularly cool photo, they 3-D printed three wildly distorted teapots, gave them a flat finish, and glued them to the background before photographing them as a surrealist scene. In another, they placed a marble, a plastic cone, and a wood-lined cube atop checkered paper lacquered with acrylic. The camera’s flash reflected the checkerboard pattern onto the objects, creating a false sense of depth.”

Inside the Development of Light, the Tiny Digital Camera That Outperforms DSLRs – IEEE Spectrum

November 23, 2016

Light, the Tiny Digital Camera That Outperforms DSLRs A multi-lens future made possible by computational photography [cagegory tech]

Capture One Express Imaging Software for Sony | Phase One

July 23, 2016

also sonyupgrade


July 5, 2016

Somewhat superior is:

Useful w/ demise of eyefi

15 things you can do with your smartphone photos to preserve memories

April 23, 2016


memory game

serving tray

Picasa Blog: Moving on from Picasa

March 19, 2016

Moving on from #Picasa Another highly used software falling out of fashion, disrupting many users’ workflows

Moving on to Lightroom?

Another example of Geek Chic:


August 29, 2015

The best way to manage your photos online in 2015

July 6, 2015

The…way to manage your #photos
online Onedrive autotags, complementing Evernote OCR. What works best for hardcopy?

Flies Evade Looming Targets by Executing Rapid Visually Directed Banked Turns

April 25, 2015

Flies Evade…Targets by Executing Rapid…Banked Turns Amazing ultrafast #movies w/ 7.5K frames/sec & IR lighting

amazing movies in supplement