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AI Chatbots Try to Schedule Meetings—Without Enraging Us | WIRED

June 7, 2018

PEZ Visitor Center – Hours and Location – PEZ Candy

June 3, 2018

Heaven Can Wait (1978 film) – Wikipedia

June 3, 2018

A Cartoon from The New Yorker

June 3, 2018


May 13, 2018

Lego exhibit

SAT—April 28, 2018 THROUGH SAT—August 4, 2018
TUE-SAT—12–6 PM, free
WED—12–7 PM, free
(Not Sun.)
SAT—12-6 PM

Abbey of Regina Laudis: Documentary Cooked

May 6, 2018

Livestock emissions still up in the air

April 29, 2018

terrible neighbors!

Mjukkaka – Wikipedia

April 29, 2018

kaka is French brown bread

What Was The Profumo Affair? ‘The Crown’ Implies Prince Philip & Stephen Ward Were Connected

April 28, 2018

Yet though that might hold true for rumors of Philip’s infidelities, it seems that most historians agree that The Crown’s decision to create a closer relationship between Philip and Ward than the historical record shows was perhaps a step too far. The New York Times’ review of Season 2 noted that “a plot contrivance” linking Philip more closely to the Profumo scandal ultimately doesn’t pan out well for the show. Perhaps the decision was motivated by the desire to connect historical events more closely to the central cast, or to create more strife in the marriage between Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

In any case, fans of the show should remember that while The Crown is great for getting a general sense of events, at the end of the day it’s a television drama, not a history lesson. Not every event portrayed in the show should be taken at face value, and the show’s coverage of the Profumo Affair is one of them.

NPG 6591; Sir John Edward Sulston – Portrait – National Portrait Gallery

March 10, 2018

A great loss. A portrait open to future annotation & elaboration…!