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Education in Computational Biology Today and Tomorrow

March 25, 2017

Education in #CompBio, by @bffo & @joannealisonfox Keeping up in a rapidly changing field. Will implement some @Yale

“These initiatives help to extend computational biology beyond the domain of specialized laboratories. Researchers, at all levels, need to keep themselves up-to-date with the quickly changing world of computational biology, and trainees need programs where bioinformatics skills are embedded so they can have comprehensive training. New bioinformatics workflows can be adopted more widely if education efforts keep pace. As previously pointed out , starting early is also very important. There is still room for programs that capture the excitement and enthusiasm of secondary school students and convey the potential of computational biology to the public. We welcome additions to the PLOS Computational Biology “Bioinformatics: Starting Early” collection (

We would like to involve the community in this endeavor. With this editorial, we are calling out to educators and researchers who have experience in teaching, specifically, those keen to raise the expectations and the inquisitiveness of the next generation of biologists. The Education collection will continue to publish leading edge education materials in the form of tutorials that can be used in a “classroom” setting (whatever that may mean nowadays: stated more generically, “the places where people learn”). We will continue to encourage articles set in the context of addressing a particular biological question and, as mentioned above, we welcome new “primers” and “quick guides.” We will also be inviting tutorials from the various computational meetings. A new category of papers that is in the pipeline for the Education collection is the “Quick Tips” format, the first of which was just published . The “Quick Tips” articles address specific tools or databases that are in wide use in the community.

Building projects: new views on campus

March 20, 2017

Building projects: new views on campus Interesting #photo quiz of various sites @Yale. Is there an answer key?

YaleNews | In memoriam: Carolyn Slayman, pioneering researcher, educator helped shape medical school

January 8, 2017

In memoriam: Carolyn Slayman Dean w. unflappable personality; worked w/ her for many years @Yale. Will be missed…

Medical Coverage | It’s Your Yale — Enroll

December 30, 2016

Easy comparison of smart care v choice plans


The Aetna Smart Care Plan provides quality care along with an expansive network of medical care facilities for your healthcare coverage.
How It Works: After you meet your deductible, the plan pays 90 percent for most covered in-network services up to the annual out-of-pocket maximum. Once the annual out-of-pocket maximum has been reached, the plan pays 100 percent.
…A E T N A C H O I C E P L A N
The Aetna Choice POS II medical plan provides coverage for a wide range of medical expenses. The plan also provides coverage for certain preventive and wellness benefits.
How It Works: Through Aetna Choice, you pay for care, except preventive services, until you meet the deductible which varies based on the plan you choose. Once you’ve reached your deductible, your plan pays for 90 percent for most covered services and you pay 10 percent until you reach the annual out-of-pocket maximum.

College Rankings –

December 3, 2016
Some surprises: SU,MIT,CU,UPenn,Yale,Harvard,Duke,Princeton….

using eduroam

December 3, 2016

“Tag_Definition” for Locations

November 3, 2016

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Yale University set to move ahead with three major New Haven projects

October 14, 2016

Yale…set to move ahead with 3 major New Haven projects Tit-for-tat negotiations to start on the new science bldg


“In the next several months complex issues of contracts with the Yale unions, purchase of medical practices by the Yale New Haven Health System and recognition of a graduate student union are expected to add to the tensions.

City officials confirmed that Yale also threatened to delay a voluntary $5.6 million payment to the city until October, which was first reported by the New Haven Independent.

This payment, negotiated by the last administration, historically has arrived in August to balance the books for the previous fiscal year. A delay would have had a negative impact on the city’s bond ratings.

When assurances were forthcoming that the Gibbs project would be able to move ahead as anticipated, the check arrived in August.

The moves and countermoves appear to be a tit for tat in a game of hardball between the city and its largest employer.”

Routes | CTtransit – Connecticut DOT-owned bus service

October 6, 2016

~$1.50 in cash
J bus runs up & down Whitney

Routes | CTtransit – Connecticut DOT-owned bus service

October 3, 2016

J bus runs up & down Whitney