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Understanding by Implementing: Gaussian Naive Bayes | by Dr. Robert Kübler | Towards Data Science

April 17, 2023


April 3, 2023

An Overview of State of the Art (SOTA) DNNs – Deci

April 3, 2023

Fig: Exponential growth of number of parameters in deep learning models

Reconciling modern machine-learning practice and the classical bias–variance trade-off | PNAS

April 3, 2023

Random Forests Algorithm explained with a real-life example and some Python code | by Carolina Bento | Towards Data Science

March 19, 2023

Principal component analysis | Nature Reviews Methods Primers

February 23, 2023

UMAP | Caspershire Meta

February 19, 2023

This Person Does Not Exist – Random Face Generator

April 3, 2022

Google Colab intro/resources

August 29, 2021

Here is a google colab notebook that runs you through the basics of using colab notebooks:

This one is a comprehensive basic python tutorial. One can learn python without reading a book, or even installing python on your own system (good for someone who knows basic programming, but not python language).

Maybe the most impressive thing you can run on google colab now is the AlphaFold2 code, fold any protein for free.

Michael Levitt on Twitter: “Need advice on good Python books & courses. Learned FORTRAN from the IBM FORTRAN II manual in 1967; learned C from Kernighan & Ritchie in 1980; learned Perl from my postdocs @MarkGerstein & St even Brenner in 1995; learned Excel from @john_walkenbach in 2010. Thanks🙏” / Twitter

August 27, 2021

This is a great educational thread! I’ll bookmark it & keep in mind some of the suggestions for my bioinformatics class, which has now moved completely to python.

In particular, I’d 2nd the recommendation for this tutorial
(, (from @RolandDunbrack) & the O’Reilly books (from @vajkaat & @Ceaza10).

One additional thing: if you like Perl & Excel, you’ll love GAS (Google apps script,, which provides a way to program with standard Javascript on top of Google sheets.