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Two Silicon Valley genomic data experts announce partnership in Miami – Refresh Miami

September 26, 2021

Personal assistant for your emails streamlines your life | New Scientist

August 30, 2021

Gmail Valet?

Making machine learning trustworthy | Science

August 29, 2021

Expanding Access to Large-Scale Genomic Data While Promoting Privacy: A Game Theoretic Approach: The American Journal of Human Genetics

August 29, 2021

Expanding Access to Large-Scale Genomic Data While Promoting Privacy: A Game Theoretic Approach

Zhiyu Wan
Yevgeniy Vorobeychik
Weiyi Xia
Ellen Wright Clayton
Murat Kantarcioglu
Bradley Malin

Published:January 05, 2017

Why Anti-Covid Plastic Barriers May Make Things Worse – The New York Times

August 29, 2021

To understand why screens often have little effect on protecting people from aerosol particles, it helps to think about exhaled breath like a plume of cigarette smoke, Dr. Marr said.
“One way to think about plastic barriers is that they are good for blocking things like spitballs but ineffective for things like cigarette smoke,” Dr. Marr said. “The smoke simply drifts around them, so they will give the person on the other side a little more time before being exposed to the smoke. Meanwhile, people on the same side with the smoker will be exposed to more smoke, since the barriers trap it on that side until it has a chance to mix throughout the space.” “}}

Another useful fact connected to this thread is that secondhand cigarette smoke is a good indicator of aerosol behavior viz:

A new study using wearable devices could help to define long covid | The Economist

August 26, 2021

free text expansion tool: espanso

August 13, 2021

a light weighted text expansion tool: espanso, support win, mac, linux and dropbox, dropbox etc syncing.
Here is the link:

A Little-Known ‘Back Door’ Trick for Boosting Your Roth Contributions – WSJ

August 4, 2021

Clifford Ross | Hurricane LII – Winston Wachter

August 1, 2021

Clifford Ross | Hurricane LII – Winston Wachter

Frontiers | InferBERT: A Transformer-Based Causal Inference Framework for Enhancing Pharmacovigilance | Artificial Intelligence

July 31, 2021

Nice talk by W Tong at #ISMBECCB21 (CAMDA session) discussing the FDA perspective on how to do AI for regulatory science. He presents the TRIAL framework: transparency, reliability, interpretability, applicability & liability. #ISMBECCB2021

In relation to interpretability, he discusses InferBert
( which builds a Bayesian causality framework (using the Do-calculus) for interpreting the BERT transformer based model. #ISMBECCB21 #ISMBECCB2021