FastProject: a tool for low-dimensional analysis of single-cell RNA-Seq data | BMC Bioinformatics | Full Text

March 2, 2017

FastProject: A Tool for Low-Dimensional Analysis of #ScRNASeq Software for many reductions to 2D scatterplots

* FastProject: A Tool for Low-Dimensional Analysis of Single-Cell RNA-Seq Data/ D. DeTomaso, N. Yosef. BMC Bioinformatics
2016.17(1):315. doi: 10.1186/s12859-016-1176-5

FastProject, developed by DeTomaso and Yosef, is a software tool for analyzing and interpreting single-cell RNA-Seq(scRNA-Seq) data. This pipeline utilizes a plethora of dimensionality reduction methods to project the high-dimensional scRNA-Seq data (i.e. the gene expression matrix) to dozens of two-dimensional scatter-plots. By incorporating the signature-based analysis, the biological significance of these two-dimensional representations can be systematically investigated. FastProject was designed using a modular architecture with the aim of serving as a general platform for the development and evaluation of new scRNA-Seq analysis methods.