Opinion | The Latest Data Privacy Debacle

March 25, 2018

Latest Data Privacy Debacle, by @Zeynep
https://www.NYTimes.com/2018/01/30/opinion/strava-privacy.html Explains how #privacy is not solely an individual decision. Even well-informed consent is not sufficient protection. Great example of how aggregating @Strava use inadvertently compromised military base locations
“If so, you probably checked a box to accept the app’s privacy policy. For most apps, the default setting is to share data with at least the company; for many apps the default is to share data with the public. But you probably didn’t even notice or care. After all, what do you have to hide?

For users of the exercise app Strava, the answer turns out to be a lot more than they realized. Since November, Strava has featured a global “heat map” showing where its users jogged or walked or otherwise traveled while the app was on. The map includes some three trillion GPS data points, covering more than 5 percent of the earth. Over the weekend, a number of security analysts showed that because many American military service members are Strava users, the map
inadvertently reveals the locations of military bases and the movements of their personnel.”

Opinion | The Latest Data Privacy Debacle