Personalized precision education and intimate data analytics | code acts in education

October 12, 2019

The word ‘precision’ has become a synonym for the application of data to the analysis and treatment of a wide range of phenomena. ‘Precision medicine’ describes the use of detailed patient information to individualize treatment and prevention based on genes, environment and lifestyle, while ‘precision agriculture’ has become an entire field of R&D focused on ‘engineering technology, sensor systems, computational techniques, positioning systems and control systems for site-specific application’ in the farming sector.

….termed ‘precision electioneering.’ Data-driven precision is therefore both a source of scientific certainty and of controversy and contestation.

Emerging interests in ‘precision education’ foresee the concerted use of learner data for purposes of implementing individualized
educational practices and ‘targeted learning.’ As precision education has been described on the Blog on Learning and Development (BOLD): “}}