The unseen covid-19 risk for unvaccinated people

July 17, 2021

This is the first newspaper article I’ve seen with a *methods* section at the end (which describes how #covid19 death rates could be “adjusted” for vaccine status)

The unseen covid-19 risk for unvaccinated people

By Dan Keating and Leslie Shapiro

This story was published a few weeks ago but remains incredibly important as the delta variant spreads throughout the U.S.

The country’s declining covid-19 case rates present an unrealistically optimistic perspective for half of the nation — the half that is still not vaccinated.

As more people receive vaccines, covid-19 cases are occurring mostly in the increasingly narrow slice of the unprotected population. So The Washington Post adjusted its case, death and hospitalization rates to account for that — and found that in some places, the virus continues to rage among those who haven’t received a shot. Read more »