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New DNA project shows us living beyond our genes – Vitals

October 2, 2012
NBC news snippets on rollout

ENCODE project sheds light on human DNA and disease –

September 30, 2012,0,7798745.story
Definitely plays junk DNA story a bit strong, with ENCODE “upending conventional wisdom”

Far From ‘Junk,’ DNA Dark Matter Proves Crucial to Health –

September 30, 2012

Most of what you read was wrong: how press releases rewrote scientific history | Ars Technica

September 25, 2012 Good words about pseudogene PR from WTSI

ENCODE DNA Data Project, Inspired and Built By Linux |

September 23, 2012 Refers to callgraph paper

Researchers Create ‘Google Maps’ for Human Genome : Science/Tech : Medical Daily

September 23, 2012 Occupy quote reappears ! – 10 years later: A human genome full of surprises

September 23, 2012 Interesting rehash of Yale release with unusual pics

Scientists Unveil New Blueprint Of How The Human Genome Works –

September 23, 2012,0,2941176.story

YaleNews | Yale team finds order amidst the chaos within the human genome; Mom and Dad’s contributions co unted and fossil DNA not dead after all

September 23, 2012 Yale News Release

New DNA Encyclopedia Attempts to Map Function of Entire Human Genome | Wired Science |

September 23, 2012 2D wiring diagrams v 3D DNA structure