Body Composition: Health, Body Fat, and More

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Bioelectrical impedance. This analysis sends electrical currents through your body. It then measures the speed at which it travels. It’s the cheapest method of measuring your body fat, after skin calipers. However, the accuracy depends on a lot of factors. It’s best for monitoring changes in your body fat. ‌

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, there are healthy body fat percentages based on your age. For people aged 20 to 39, women should aim for 21% to 32% of body fat. Men should have 8% to 19%. For people 40 to 59, women should fall between 23% to 33% and men should fall around 11% to 21%. If you’re aged 60 to 79, women should have 24% to 35% body fat and men should have 13% to 24%.