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data, data everywhere

July 5, 2012
Nice writeup in Economist
Useful QTs :
“That highlights the role of ‘information intermediaries’. ” “These days metadata are undergoing a virtual renaissance. “

Data in High Energy Physics

June 26, 2012

High-Energy Physicists Set Record for Network Data Transfer

High-energy physics: Down the petabyte highway

Particle physics has been a trendsetter in developing the
infrastructure to push petabytes from central detectors (often at CERN) around the world.

Diurnal and Seasonal Mood Vary with Work, Sleep, and Daylength Across Diverse Cultures

June 25, 2012

mining 1/2 B tweets temporarally

The pathologies of big data

June 24, 2012

Big data: science in the petabyte era : Nature

June 24, 2012

Computer science. Beyond the data deluge. Science. 2009 – PubMed – NCBI

June 24, 2012

The Universe Online

June 24, 2012

some bits on astro big data

Communication and Data-Intensive Science in the Beginning of the 21st Century | Abstract

June 24, 2012

The Cosmos Is Coming

June 24, 2012 large data in astro

data, data everywhere

June 22, 2012

Nice writeup in Economist