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FITBIT tracking activity

September 5, 2018


May 8, 2017

resource that can be used to examine aggregate fitbit data…don’t know if this includes disease status.

Wearables Could Soon Know You’re Sick Before You Do | WIRED

January 25, 2017

#Wearables Could Soon Know You’re Sick Before You Do Early indications of inflammation from @SnyderShot’s Fitbit

Wearable Device Analyzes Sweat To Monitor User’s Health | January 28, 2016 Issue – Vol. 94 Issue 5 | Che mical & Engineering News

April 18, 2016

#Wearable Device Analyzes Sweat To Monitor…Health Going beyond @fitbit. Measures glucose, K+ & 2 other metabolites

also: Biosensor Sticks To Skin And Detects Metabolite In Sweat

Transfer tattoo measures lactate levels for real-time monitoring of physical exertion
By Alexander Hellemans