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Interesting note taking gadget

April 28, 2020

a device that might be useful for reading and annotating pdfs (manuscripts, figure, general note taking).

Its called “remarkable” and was once a kickstarter project. its based on eink technology so it writes more like pencil and paper.

Some interesting features:
– Print-to-send pdf directly from Chrome browser
– ocr transcription of handwriting
– cloud sync to phones and computer (what you do on device is immediately available from phone and computer)
– canvas feel of screen surface

old school mechanical flap display

July 27, 2018

the flap display ….

the price is pretty steep even after the hefty discount

Can Gizmos Cure Insomnia? – The New Yorker

May 8, 2016

In search of 40 winks Nice but slightly critical survey of #sleep gadgets (trackers, beds, snore suppressors, &c)

Philips Hue just got a little brighter with 1.1 app update

June 3, 2013
Lightbulb can change according to the stockmkt MT @rmpilar @engadget: Philips Hue just got a little brighter #gadget

Samsung Stratosphere review — Engadget

March 6, 2012
Android phone recommended. Has Kb + 4G