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“Sonic Switzerland” – Can Sonos beat back the tech giants?

April 21, 2019

An American maker of high-end wireless speakers battles Google and Amazon

What Amazon Alexa pays the people building its skills

January 8, 2018

What $AMZN Alexa pays the people building its skills Strange “pseudo-compensation” to encourage app development.
Market-based or at the whims of the central planner?

“Wilson unexpectedly joined a new Alexa economy, a small but fast-growing network of independent developers, marketing companies and Alexa tools makers. They’re working to bring you voice-activated flash briefings, games and recipes through Amazon’s Echo speaker, Alexa’s primary home. By doing so, they hope to define the 3-year-old Alexa platform and make money from voice computing’s surging popularity.”

The End of Typing: The Next Billion Mobile Users Will Rely on Video and Voice

September 21, 2017

Next 1B Mobile Users Will Rely on Video & Voice Will drive computing in new directions from text HT @ElementoLab