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What Are the Voice Control Commands? – GoPro Support Hub

February 2, 2021

works for gopro max

GoPro Take a Photo
GoPro {Start|Stop} {Recording|Time Lapse}

Here, Ansel! Sit, Avedon!

September 14, 2014

Here, Ansel! Sit, Avedon! (Also, #Gopro #Lifelogging for cats. Next: fitbit & calorie-counting for dogs?


Last week, GoPro, a camera company made famous by surfers and other athletes who clip on its waterproof miniature Heros to record their adventures, introduced its own version: Fetch, a harness and camera mount designed for dogs. For years, pet owners had been rigging Heros to attach to their pets; perhaps you’ve seen the YouTube video of that surfing pig? …. As programmable digital cameras get smaller and cheaper, the universe of pet, uh, journalism — or is it fine art? — has exploded. Scientists on both sides of the Atlantic have been using these technologies to learn more about the habits of all manner of animals, including house cats. The work of Leo, a cat from
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, has been made into a poster…. A collaborative (what else to call them?) of Swiss cows posts their oeuvre at