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APTCH: Five Reasons to Re-Watch the Beloved Drama

December 26, 2021

A Place to Call Home (season 6) – Wikiwand

December 12, 2021
The final scene is of Sarah’s death at the age of 104, surrounded by David, Olivia, and Leah. On her nightstand is a copy of a book entitled A Place to Call Home, written by a Samantha Swanson, Andrew and Olivia’s granddaughter.

place to call home – Google Search

November 14, 2021


Sarah Adams
George Bligh
Elizabeth Bligh
Jack Duncan
James Bligh
Carolyn Bligh
Anna Bligh
Olivia Bligh

Roy Briggs
Regina Bligh
Doris Collins
Gino Poletti
Doctor Henry Fox
Douglas Goddard
Sir Richard Bennett
Prudence Swanson
Dr Rene Nordmann
Harry Polson
? Rosie O’Connell

Carla Poletti
Andrew Swanson
? Leah Gold
? Frank Gibbs
? Alma Grey
? Peg Maloney
Amo Poletti
Matthew Goddard
Lloyd Ellis-Parker

Larry Grey
Amy Polson
Eve Walker
Brian Taylor
Bert Ford

Navigating the new era of assisted suicide and execution drugs | Journal of Law and the Biosciences | Oxford Academic

October 2, 2021
Meanwhile, the standard PAS protocol in the USA involves the prescription of a lethal dose of a barbiturate, typically
pentobarbital or secobarbital, to be consumed by the patient in liquid form. Often, the dose is mixed with juice, in what is often called a ‘potion’, to combat the bitter taste of the drugs. The patient is legally required to drink the potion by themselves, to ensure the decision remains autonomous. Physicians are free to prescribe, off-label, any drug they deem fit for these lethal purposes, under protection from prosecution. Only three lethal medications
(secobarbital, pentobarbital, and phenobarbital) have been used, according to state statistics, aside from anti-nausea and anti-anxiety medications to combat side effects.5 In the Netherlands and Belgium, physicians typically rely on sodium thiopental and pancuronium bromide when euthanizing patients at their behest.13

A place to call home — Amazon

October 2, 2021