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Protecting New York City, Before Next Time –

November 11, 2012

After the Flood: How Will Hurricane Sandy Change New York’s Art World? | Artinfo

November 4, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Editor’s Letter — New York Magazine

November 3, 2012

Article: The 2011 Report That Predicted New York’s Subway Flooding Disaster

November 2, 2012

N.Y.U.’s Lab Rats and Mice Die in Flooding –

November 1, 2012

It’s Global Warming, Stupid – Businessweek

November 1, 2012

Sandy’s Blackout Threatens to Destroy Trove of Medical Research – ABC News

November 1, 2012

Comparing Hurricanes Sandy And Irene — Photos –

October 29, 2012
Will be an even more dramatic image when their “eyes” line up more….

As Sandy descends, tips from Katrina survivors –

October 29, 2012

Some useful tips, including:”
• When you make a video of your home for insurance purposes
beforehand, open drawers and closets so the contents are visible.

• Have a tire plug repair kit and pliers to pull out nails or screws, since debris in the roadway causes flats and leaks that are tough to repair when everything is closed.

• Bank safes and safe deposit boxes are not waterproof. During flooding, items left in them may be damaged and not accessible for weeks.