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Fluorite Octahedron Properties and Meaning + Photos | Crystal Information

July 11, 2018 QT:{{”
Fluorite Octahedron is a member of the Halides family. It comes in cleaved crystalline form, in a wide variety of colors. This mineral is readily available.

The creation and selection of mutations resistant to a gene drive over multiple generations in the malaria mosquito

June 29, 2018

Creation & selection of mutations resistant to a #GeneDrive over mult. generations in the malaria mosquito Indels created by #NHEJ-based repair of DS breaks give rise to resistance (probably resulting from mis-matches due to
micro-homologies near breakpts)

A Road Map to Shopping Like a Royal in London – The New York Times

June 28, 2018

Royal Booksellers
187 Piccadilly

Paxton & Whitfield
Royal Cheesemonger
93 Jermyn Street

Royal Purveyors of Chocolates
14 Princes Arcade

Royal Perfumers
Royal Manufacturers of Toilet Preparations
89 Jermyn Street, St. James’s

Help Guide | Charging the battery pack while it is inserted in the camera

June 20, 2018

Works for M2 & M4

Lessons from the Netflix prize challenge

June 20, 2018

Hyde Park

June 20, 2018

The London Mastaba: Christo launches a temporary sculpture in Hyde Park–Christo-launches-a-temporary-sculpture-in-Hyde-Park#.Wylji1Mvyu4


Train times Cambridge to London Kings Cross

May 26, 2018

Please see attached train times schedule from Cambridge to London.

You can also check other times online using this link:

The destination is recognised as London Kings Cross.

London galleries & restaurants — Instagrammable

May 1, 2018

NPG 6591; Sir John Edward Sulston – Portrait – National Portrait Gallery

March 10, 2018

A great loss. A portrait open to future annotation & elaboration…!