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Who Owns the Internet?

September 11, 2017

The content of no content How powerful Big Tech is. Does it own the internet & by extension the media?

Ending the War on Fat | TIME

July 19, 2014

Cover story @Time: Ending the War on Fat… & Starting one on carbs Commentary @Slate: #Diet

Slate title: The misguided war on fat may be making us sicker.

Does Buzzfeed Know the Secret? — New York Magazine

April 19, 2013

How does one know whether the content in an ad or a story:
Premise is we don’t care. Also, appears founder Pereti got started in digital arts
at Eyebeam.

An highly unscientific survey on the state of journalism by those who type for a living. –

April 14, 2012

Read the comments.

Online newspapers: News of the world | The Economist

March 18, 2012

huff po surpassing the times?