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SUMMIT One Vanderbilt | Best Landmark In The United States

February 12, 2023

nice to visit?

The Marvels—And Mistakes—Of Supertall Skyscrapers – The Atlantic

January 1, 2023

Great article. Thought the very intentional “wind shaping” was fascinating (e.g. the “blow through” floors at 432 Park). Maybe we’ll see fins next.

This didn’t seem unrelated to a lawsuit that 432 Park’s condo board has filed against the building’s developer. The plaintiffs claim that the building is riddled with more than 1,500 defects that have led to leaks, cracks, electrical explosions, and elevator shutdowns that trapped people for hours—as well as “horrible and obtrusive noise and vibrations,” including clicks, creaks, and a trash chute that thunders “like a bomb.”
diffusing the suction-filled whirlpools that sway a building as wind whips around its sides. You could notch the corners, like on Taipei 101, which resembles a towering stack of gifts. You could twist the building, like the Twizzler-esque Shanghai Tower. You could taper it to look like the tip of a paintbrush, like the Lakhta Center, or cut out sections to let wind blow through it, like the Shanghai World Financial Center, which is nicknamed “The Bottle Opener.” 432 Park’s designers decided to make it more porous: Every 12 stories, there are two “blow through” floors with cutouts for windows, but no glass. “}}

steinway tower

Helicopters vs. Homeowners: A Very Hamptons Fight – The New York Times

May 29, 2022

The world’s skinniest skyscraper, New York’s Steinway Tower, is ready for its first residents – CNN Style

April 23, 2022

Conn. castle just 45 minutes from NYC hits market for $11.8M

April 14, 2022

This Price Surge Really Hits New Yorkers Hard – The New York Times

March 17, 2022

This Price Surge Really Hits New Yorkers Hard – The New York Times

The shift to work-at-home is so pronounced that New York properties near rail stations now trade at a discount – MarketWatch

March 17, 2022

How the Ferry Is Changing the Brooklyn-Queens Waterfront –

December 3, 2017

Interesting reading. Noted the: Durst’s, Spitzer’s, Ferries, Red Hook

Thoughts on Gaines’ The Sky’s the Limit

July 29, 2013

I found Steven Gaines’ book The Sky’s the Limit: Passion and Property in Manhattan quite interesting overall. I read it from the
perspective of someone wanting to learn some context behind the convoluted world of Manhattan real estate. In this regard some parts of the book are not that useful: principally those that in a gossipy sense focus on celebrities buying seven and eight figure properties and all the machinations to get past apartment co-op boards. On the other hand there is some genuinely useful factual information. It provides the history of a number of the structures in Manhattan, in particular the cooperative structure, which ironically started out as a socialist inspired movement for tenants who own their building but in modern times this turned into the ultimate exclusive club for the very rich. (There are some great quotes in the book about such excesses such as Bill Clinton’s remarking on the fantasy Upper East Side co-op, that it makes the White House almost look like public housing.) The book also gives a lot of background on some of the prominent buildings in Manhattan such as the Time Warner Center, the Ansonia Hotel and the Dakota. Finally it gives some perspective on the different neighborhoods, contrasting the large parcels available on Central Park West with the smaller and older developed real estate on the Upper East Side. Overall, a good read with a bit of useful facts to impart.